Sex Magic Series: Day 3 Activity

July 31, 2019:




As I mentioned on Day 1, the concept behind this contest/series happened pretty organically. ...And by that I mean my vibrator died, and I received a download (non-crazy voice in my head) telling me to create a 5-day series about orgasmic manifestation. I didn't plan for it whatsoever, but I followed my intuition to do it anyways, and the power behind everything happening today makes me believe that there are no coincidences. Intuition is like that - a subtle hint that leads you to something serendipitous, and I shit you not, this is what it feels like when you arrive.

This New Moon in Leo, taking place around 11pm EST tonight on Day 3 of the challenge is particularly awesome because of its supercharged energy. This means that the activities, tools, and sexual energy we've been building on thus far are jusssst about as potent as they can possibly fucking be! A New Moon on the last day of the month is even more magical than normal, to me at least, because it is a time to welcome everything you desire in the immediate future and forward - truly wiping the slate clean before you wake up on August 1. 


Also: National Orgasm Day, HELLO! I shall say no more. 

...Wait! I lied. Mercury Retrograde is officially over! HOT DAMN!

New Moons are all about fresh starts, beginnings, and the birth of CREATION - so whether you are looking to conceive, find a new place to live, or embark on the business you've been wanting to start, now is the time to take that shit seriously and put your intentions to the test! (If you're not looking to conceive, don't forget to take your BC!)

I don't want to complicate any of the rituals in this challenge- so tonight we will keep it simple and focus on the intention you set on Monday before, during, and after your orgasm. The focal point of tonight's ritual is the breathing technique at the beginning of your ritual. 


If you have a bathtub, light some candles (yellow for #BigLeoEnergy if you've got 'em) and take a bath tonight. If you have sage on hand, cleanse all of your spaces- especially those in which you will be practicing. (Windows closed during, open them all afterwards to release.) Get intimate with your intention(s) as you soak. 


Whether you choose to perform your orgasmic ritual in the bathtub, in bed alone, or on the couch with your partner, I'd like you to focus on a breathing technique to start. It requires no hands, no toys, no touch whatsoever. It is simply breathing in and out - a conscious meditation - until the buildup of energy running through your body is so intense you can't deny it and you feel...electric. THIS. IS. REAL. I never thought I would be able to achieve this type of shit- especially because it requires mindfulness and mental focus (meditation was NOT my jam). Every time you inhale, draw in erotic/sensual energy into the bottom of your feet. Little by little, envision this sexual energy rising a little bit more - up your shins, to your knees, to your thighs and up to your vulva. I can only describe this as a slow-burning tingle that was practically tangible. By the time I got to my waist I was like 'fuck this, I'm touching myself now' - and when I did, it felt like a million sparks of electricity flowing inside of me. When you are ready to explore physical touch, let the feelings of having your manifested reality wash over you. Bask in the pleasure of physical sensations, in conjunction with your manifested intention. *This is where the magic happens* - all the way up until you climax. Again, edging is necessary (bounce back to day 1 if you need a brush-up), taking your time until you declare your desires verbally during orgasm. 


Sit down with some paper in your afterglow and list all of the things you are welcoming into your life in August. Goals, income, success, opportunity, new friends, places to visit, etc. Gratitude seems to be a natural effect of a good orgasm, so stay in that head space and express that on paper too.

Bonus Activity:

Create a vision board with your intentions for August (or otherwise). Keep it where you can see it after the challenge - on your wall, your desktop image, your office-- to keep your goals locked in your subconscious throughout the day. offers a free template for this.  



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