Sex Magic Series: Intro & Day 1 Activity!

New moon, new month who dis?! 

Maybe it was emotional ass Cancer season coming to a close (BYE), maybe it's the arrival of vibrant ass Leo season (my birth month), or the downloads I've been receiving first thing in the morning  -- that has me feeling much more connected to my goals, and inspired to create.

Maybe it's waking up the last 3 days and taking time for self-pleasure before getting out of bed. Instead of rushing to climax, I've taken my time, partially because I don't often do that, but also because I decided to intentionally build up my orgasmic energy and release it with a manifestation I've been half-assedly trying to achieve the last couple of months. 

Whatever the reason, I decided to commit to this practice every day this week, because why the fuck not? From there I was like, 'let's turn this bitch into a challenge and share it with my lovely social media soulmates!' - so here we are.

Here's how it went down this morning. 

Today (well, every day TBH), I applied a few generous drops of Foria Intimacy CBD lube, which is my usual go-to because it's fucking amazing and it makes my vulva feel much more sensitive than a "wow, my pussy feels like it's made of light, fluffy clouds!' kinda way. And it makes orgasms even more enjoyable because each and every sensation is heightened.  

I started with the Womanizer Starlet, which is a no-no when it comes to orgasmic manifestation because it will make you come in like, 30 seconds. (More on why that is a no-no below.)  But today when I woke up, I didn't plan on doing a manifestation ritual, just kind of happened because the Womanizer DIED and I had to reach for another toy. I lost my orgasm, and thought 'alriiiiiiiight, since I'm already behind schedule let's just make it a whole thing'. 

At that point I whipped out the O.G. Hitachi Magic Wand, ah, the Hitachi. After years of skill, I can edge myself with this toy without losing my shit right away (the trick is to keep it AWAY FROM THE CLIT obviously). 

After I finished up and cleaned my toys, I applied some Pure Instinct pheromone scent to my wrists because it is such an uplifting scent- and I wanted to keep myself in a state of high vibration when I started my day. Fun fact: pheromones aren't JUST sexual attractants. They actually have the ability to help you be more social, happy, and confident. There's a bunch of science shit involved there that I can explain another day! 

(PS - You may be familiar with Pure Instinct because the party company Pure Romance sells a shit ton of it. Except -- they rip people off and charge over $20 for this tiny little roller. Fuck that! Again, I will explain that another day! #SMDH)


The thing about orgasmic energy is that it is the ACTUAL most powerful force of energy in the Universe. It is the literal catalyst for human reproduction - it is what allows this world to continue to exist.

It is the source for eternal creation - and that extends beyond solely creating human life. It is a source of attracting your manifestations as well. 

With that said, using every ounce of orgasmic energy to declare a manifestation at the time of climax is a way to amplify your desire, because of its unparalleled level of exuberance. It is the release of your orgasm, and your desires without ego -- while experiencing the highest level of vibration known to exist -- which makes this practice so magic. 

There are two important components of using sex magic as a way to manifest your desires, so make sure to incorporate them every time: 

1: IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BUILD-UP. The longer you explore, touch, relax, and put off your orgasm, the stronger and more potent your energy for manifesting. It is important to put off your orgasm as long as you possibly can- which is the practice of edging (taking your body to the brink of orgasm, STOPPING pre-climax, and starting again). I penned an article on edging for Tickle Kitty that you can read here. As of now I can reach my peak and stop about 5 times before I'm like 'alright I'm GOOOOOD!' -- but the masters of orgasmic manifestation hold out much, much longer. As you build up your orgasm, envision how it FEELS to receive your manifestation. Example: New car. Visualize yourself holding the wheel - what does it feel like? Where are you driving? Example: a pay increase at work. See the specific number in your bank account. Feel the feeling of sitting in your boss' office, being told that you're getting a raise. Feel it in your heart, your head, your gut- feel the freedom of financial stability. Visualize yourself purchasing the big ticket item you've been dreaming about. BE IN YOUR FEELINGS as much as you can during this exercise.

2. After edging yourself as long as you can, the moment before you climax -- be in that feeling and stay there, as the waves of pleasure star to radiate over your body. When you are actually coming, say your manifestation out loud - declare that shit and believe that with your words and this energy, it is on its way to you now. 


-You can do this with or without a partner. If you are doing it with a partner, you may want to bring them up to speed beforehand, i.e.: "don't mind me when I shout out 'I'M A FUCKING MILLIONAIRE, BITCH!'" when you come. You may create a sigil, if you prefer to stay quiet when you come - which is a visual representation of your manifestation that you will focus on, instead of declaring it out loud.  

-Be as specific as you can with your manifestation. Like, down to the penny, if you are trying to manifest a certain amount of money.

-Time: I prefer to do this in the morning, because orgasming opens up my channels of creativity afterwards, and sometimes my body experiences an extended orgasm throughout the day (it's not awkward, but I'm glad I work from home because I don't have to worry about the smile plastered all over my face). However, you can do it any time of day. 


-Get clear on your manifestation. Identify it, write it down. Create a sigil if you plan to do this with a partner. 

-ORGASM! (Don't you wish they taught THIS shit in sex-ed classes?!) And of course, do the practice. Edge. Visualize. Declare. 



-In the morning, bust out your journal and make a list of 3 things: A. Gratitude (the more you write, the more things you will find that come flying out of your head!); B. Write your manifestation as if it has already happened, and say thank you for it. (Example: "Thank you, Universe, for bringing me a business partner who truly cares about my business, and can invest the time and resources into making it the best it can be."); and C: *IMPORTANT* - List at least ONE thing you can do today that will bring you closer to your manifestation. Look, I wish orgasmic manifestation was all about laying back and shouting your wishes to the Universe when you come. But in reality, ACTION is what ACTIVATES the whole process. So please, be prepared to take at least one action every day this week that will support the specific manifestation you have chosen.  

That's it for day one! Keep a lookout for the Day 2 activity coming 'atcha tomorrow, Tuesday 7/30. 

Ready for Day 2? Click here

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