Sex Toys Seen 'Round The Internet

If you've looked literally anywhere on the internet sometime in the last 3 years, you've likely seen a video of the Rose vibrator (thanks, TikTok)! The Rose is not unique compared to sex toys with clitoral suction technology. In fact, the Womanizer was the very first to do it. Then along came Satisfyer, Lelo and all the rest. 

What DOES make the Rose unique is its shape - and how it exploded in popularity overnight even though the technology was not new. (This will never not be the best example of an internet-famous sex toy.)

While we might recommend other clit suction toys, everyone has the right to choose the sex toy that vibes with them personally, whether that's a color, shape or specific brand. 

As advocates of pleasure exploration, and if it takes a TikTok video to make someone feel comfortable about buying a sex toy, we're here for it.

This collection is our version of a sex toy time capsule - a curated roundup of internet-famous sex toys like Rose vibrator of course, the Vush Majesty 2 from Cardi B's "Up" video (2021), Lily Allen's Liberty collaboration with Womanizer (2020), and more. 

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