Kinky Toys & BDSM Gear

If you're a bondage beginner, we encourage you to take the leap and explore the colorful world of kink!

You likely already have various kinky items scattered around your home! A paddle hairbrush moonlights as an impact play device. Flip it on the other side, and let the bristles delivery sensory bliss over the shoulders, back of the legs, inner arms --anywhere, really. Spatulas? Spanking device. Clothespins? Nipple (or clit) clamps. 

Our collection of beginner-friendly kink products features our staff-picked selection of the best bondage toys for all experience levels. Tip: if something looks visually intimidating, chances are it's not! Take a closer look, and think of different ways you can get creative to add more sensual play into your partner intimacy or self-pleasure sessions.

To quote iconic bondage and fetish manufacturer, JT's Stockroom: "It's only kinky the first time."

Cheers to safe, sane, and consensual exploration.

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