To quote iconic bondage and fetish manufacturer, JTs Stockroom: "It's only kinky the first time."

Exploring curious instincts is the perfect way to spark creativity within the bedroom, and strengthen intimacy with a partner. Contrary to the misconception, bondage is simply a consensual power exchange supported by the pillars of trust and communication. Keep in mind that pain is not necessary for pleasure during BDSM exploration (sensory deprivation, temperature play, and nipple stimulation are all accessible examples).

You probably already have a kinky item in your home without even realizing it; a paddle hairbrush can easily become a spanking device. Flip it on the other side and let the bristles glide over the shoulders, back of the legs, inside of the arms --anywhere, really. Spatulas? Yep.  

Variety is the spice of safe, kink it up.

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