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Each box features a variety of bodysafe items geared towards couples or solo play. Usual suspects include clit toys, masturbation strokers, stimulation creams, and lubes.

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Boxes ship on the 15th of every month. Discreetly packaged, free shipping!



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February 2020: Babe With The Power Interview


Getting Your Postpartum Groove Back

Getting Your Postpartum Groove Back


Big tip: try not to compare your sex life post-baby to your past sex life! That is a quick way to possibly get caught up in disappointment, or feelings of inadequacy. You WILL get your groove back, and while that may look different than it has in the past, you're still a sexy, sensual being. 

Sex Magic Series: Day 4

Sex Magic Series: Day 4

Wand as in energy, not wand as in Hitachi! (...Although owners of the Magic Wand or the LeWand Vibrator know how powerful those beats can be!) The energy you surround yourself with consistently, in addition to taking action, is what sets your manifestations in motion. It isn't just the moment just before orgasm that makes magic; it isn't the exclamation of your desires when you orgasm; although those are two non-negotiable components to making this shit work. Practicing magic is a full-time gig. It is daily work. Constant belief reprogramming. Constant shifting....
Sex Magic Series: Day 3 Activity

Sex Magic Series: Day 3 Activity

Sex Magic Series Day 3 - plus National Orgasm Day BONUS!

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The Pleasure Parlor was a crowd pleaser; offering all types of fun, sexy and educational sex-positive items for the crowd. Casey was great to work with! Every person that came to Casey for questions and curiosity was met with on-point information and enthusiasm about the products offered. Highly recommended if you’re looking to add something special and sex-pos to your party/occasion.

Amy Willis, Body-Positive Artist and Curator

The Pleasure Parlor Subscription Box and Pop-Up Parties are designed purrrfectly for maximum pleasure while keeping price and quality in mind.  This can only be done well by an industry veteran…Casey!

Deborah Semer, Owner & Creator,

The expertise behind The Pleasure Parlor’s product selection is evident by the diverse lineup that each box offers. Mixing classic sex toys favorites and unique up-and-coming brands, each box is carefully curated to offer something for everyone. The Pleasure Parlor’s social media updates are also fun to keep up with for a daily dose of sex-positivity.

Ariana Rodriguez, Editor-in-Chief, Sexual Health Magazine