Subscription Boxes

The Pleasure Parlor offers the first and only sex toy boxes curated by a pleasure products industry veteran. All items are discreetly packaged and selected with a thoughtful approach to all comfort levels and a variety of interests. We bring over a decade of unmatched experience with industry trends, safe materials and ingredients, and we've personally tried every. single. item. that we ship. (13 years and do the math.)

  • Items are complimentary to all experience levels, and won't harm your body
  • Quality > Quantity. We choose products that last
  • As an effort to reduce our ecological footprint, packing materials are minimalistic, using recycled materials as much as possible
  • In addition to sex toys, we have included self-care items, and local art by female artists from time to time
We currently offer a quarterly subscription box, a one-time box that is fully personalized, and The Zodiac Box, with items selected based on your astrological sign. "After gaining experience in sales, marketing, and customer service in the pleasure products industry, I decided to branch out of my 9-5 job to share this education, with the hopes of removing the stigma around sex and self-pleasure. The subscription box was the first component of this goal. The traveling pop-up boutique, educational workshop, and local sex toy delivery followed suit. My personal journey to a sex-positive lifestyle was a long evolution, and it is always evolving. To be honest, it took several years working in the industry to finally become comfortable with my own body and my profession. I desire to connect with couples and individuals who are curious, but may need some help getting comfortable. Working for well-known bondage manufacturers furthered my expertise in the BDSM and fetish lifestyles. Each box is tailored for numerous comfort levels, whether you're curious or super kinky! At the end of the day, it's all about opening minds and being a catalyst for memorable intimate experiences." - Casey Murphy, Founder/Educator
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