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The Zodiac Box: Leo

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The Zodiac Box is the original, one-of-a-kind gift box that features sex toys for each astrology sign. We consulted with tarot and astrology expert Katie McGuire to curate this box based on the sensual, intimate and romantic traits for every sign. These products - which include a mix of accessories and sex toys, have been thoughtfully curated to invoke a unique sensory journey for the mind and body. 

Leo: July 24 - August 24
Element: Fire
Ruled by: The Sun

The FIERY Leo loves to be admired, but at the very top of their list is respect. By nature, Leos are proud and independent, so alone time in the bedroom is highly valued. Most Leos are self-empowered to explore their own pleasures and desires with confidence. With a partner, Leos can be less...proactive...(classic lazy kitten) - but this does not speak for all Leos. When inspiration strikes, Leos are performers - dramatic in the spotlight - so consider yourself lucky if you are a recipient of the mighty Leo's love and affection. 
Loyal through and through, Leos can be passionate pleasers who will go above and beyond to deliver ovation-worthy pleasure.

Top Qualities:
High stamina
Likes to put on a show
Great at taking control- they don’t call them the queen (or king) of the jungle for nothing!

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