Vibe of the Month Club
Vibe of the Month Club

Vibe of the Month Club

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New vibe, who dis?! Welcome the Pleasure Parlor's Vibe of the Month Club to our lineup of bespoke sex toy subscription boxes!

Our staff has been ruminating on different ways to positively impact our community, beyond offering an expert-curated selection of sex toys on our website. Of course, our subscription boxes are curated to spark intimacy and connection between the self, and couples as well. However, the big-picture goal here is to promote mindful pleasure practices and shame-free sexual exploration, while doing our part to create a more eco-friendly community.  

We want to encourage you to do you, and do good too. Feel us, boo? 


The monthly cost for this monthly subscription is determined by the product manufacturer’s retail price (not Amazon or eBay prices), in addition to shipping/handling costs, and our time spent creating your monthly individual pleasure practice (more on that below). 

Each Vibe of the Month subscriber will receive:

  • 1 body-safe sex toy to A: ensure the quality + longeivity of your item, and B: ensure the priority of your health and safety
  • Rechargeable items only, to reduce the use and disposal of batteries 
  • 1 Physical Embodiment Activity to support your pleasure practice all month
  • 1 tree planted for biodiversity 
  • Occasional plant-based lubes and arousal serums

As a retailer of exclusively body-safe sex toys, product materials will meet our safety standards: 

  • 100% body-safe sex toys
  • Non-porous materials only
  • No TPR/TPE (‘jelly’ materials) or PVC plastic 

Vibrator styles you can expect: 

  • Rabbit-style vibrators
  • Bullet vibrators
  • Finger vibrators
  • Wand vibrators
  • Wearable vibrators


We are committed to equipping every Vibe of the Month Club member with (sex) tools and techniques to help you stay accountable to a regular pleasure practice. Every month, you will receive a unique pleasure embodiment practice, allowing you to put pleasure into action throughout the month. Your pleasure practice will be emailed digitally to reduce the use of excess paper. 


In addition to reducing the number of batteries by shipping only rechargeable products, the Pleasure Parlor will be planting 1 tree for every vibrator shipped, via  ONETREEPLANTED




This monthly subscription is perfect for those who are:

  • Committed to implementing (and/or maintaining) a regular pleasure practice
  • Intentionally shifting to a more mindful, physically-embodied lifestyle
  • Interested in trying new products, but don't have the time to research/choose
  • Interested in trying new products, but prefer a trusted personal shopper
  • Enjoy the anticipation of a surprise delivery at the door every month
  • Experiencing a high amount of self-loathing as a result of endless phone scrolling
  • Interested in using a vibrator for the first time, either solo or in a relationship
  • Curious about our sex toy subscription boxes, but don't need all of the other bells & whistles 
  • Beginner, intermediate, or experienced sex toy users (all levels welcome!)
  • Spending $50+ a month on various expendable costs, I.E.: streaming digital services (Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV, iTunes), 38 items (+ tax!) from the Dollar Tree, a nice sushi dinner for one, an unused gym membership, 6-8 cups of Starbucks, 4-5 grams of w33d, etc. etc. 

Do those things make you feel good? Yeah, we think so! 

Do those things give you orgasms *and* plant a tree every month?! Hmmm....we don’t think so!

Need a few more reasons to feel good about subscribing? Here are just a few benefits of orgasms and pleasure mindfulness: 

  • Devoting your whole awareness to a pleasure practice (vs.your to-do list) can alleviate stress and anxiety while increasing juicy, delicious confidence and relaxation
  • Pleasure helps to boost the immune system, reduce pain, and increases libido
  • Working up a sweat can contribute to improved cardiovascular health
  • Increased dopamine production (a hormone responsible for feelings of pleasure, desire, + motivation)
  • Release of oxytocin (AKA "the love hormone") at the point of climax promotes feelings of connection with a partner
  • Mastering sexual alchemy: mindfully nourishing higher energy centers to enhance creativity and spiritual connection
  • Learn how to cultivate joy and pleasure at any given moment

Currently, the products in this subscription are curated for vulva owners at this time. Our intention is to launch our Vibe of the Month Club subscription for penis owners in mid-2022. 

We invite you to prioritize pleasure in the New Year, starting now! Once you subscribe, your first box will be shipped to you in discreet packaging, and your pleasure practice will be sent digitally to the email address you provide. 

Questions? Please reach out to us anytime:

Pleasure is power!

With love,

Casey and Jay