In November of 2016, the Pleasure Parlor was founded in Portland, Oregon by sexual health industry veteran Casey Murphy, and started as private sex education gatherings for various circles of friends. Possessing over a decade of expertise in pleasure products marketing, business development, manufacturing and sales, Casey established the Pleasure Parlor to help release associations of shame with sex and pleasure by presenting sex toys and topics in an approachable, humorous and educational light. 

What started as a private party business evolved into a traveling pop-up shop, sex toy subscription box, educational workshops, and the sexual wellness marketplace that you're on right now.

(Photos below are from our very first pop-up shops in 2016 & 2017!)


While in Portland, the Pleasure Parlor made its way through local art shows, womxn's wellness workshops, local BDSM munches, fashion events, and college health fairs until we relocated to Denver, CO in June of 2019. Along the way, we've been fortunate to connect with unique small businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs to enhance human interest and enjoyment in sexual pleasure. 


Applying Casey's combined education and personal experiences with pleasure products, every item included in our curated subscription boxes, Zodiac sex toy boxes , and online boutique are hand-selected to incorporate body-safe materials, high-quality functionality, reputable manufacturers, and our 'IRL ' (in real life!) stamp of approval. If you are searching for a specific product, please email us at hello@thepleasureparlor.com and let us know! We have just about every sex toy available, even if you can't find it on our online store. Alternatively, we are happy to direct you to other stellar sex toy retailers who can help. 

Thank you for being here! You have no idea how much it means to our small business. <3

* * *

About Casey: Casey, Pleasure Parlor Owner + Founder, is a devoted mother of (four) cats, pleasure products expert, content strategist, marketing consultant for boutique businesses in the sexual health industry, and a freelance writer. Her journey with the Pleasure Parlor has been featured in Shoutout Colorado, Babe with the Power, and XBIZ Premiere Magazine to name a few. Some of her writing can be found here: 

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