Who We Are

The Pleasure Parlor, helmed by romance products industry veteran Casey Murphy, brings a sex-positive, body-positive approach to understanding human sexuality as a catalyst to live a more empowered, fulfilling life. By tapping into pleasure and sensuality - in any capacity - everyone has the ability to achieve more confidence and creativity in day-to-day activities, business, and personal relationships. The Pleasure Parlor promotes sexual health awareness in a variety of accessible formats; offering a traveling workshop, subscription service, and personalized shopping which caters to special events, health fairs, private parties, couples, and everything in-between. We like to consider ourselves as on-demand connoisseurs of pleasure. 

Our Portland-based traveling pop-up boutique is a sexy educational shopping experience, stocking products for all comfort levels. The pop-up has made its way through local art shows, women's wellness workshops, local BDSM community gatherings, fashion shows, and colleges within the Pacific Northwest. It is also a platform for us to showcase other femme-identifying business owners who are creating innovative products and services. As we continue to become intertwined with progressive women blazing trails with their small businesses, it is clear that our views on sex positivity and societal oppression are one and the same. Pictured on the right, below, is local Portland artist, Make Good Choices, and her ceramic replica of the classic Hitachi Magic Wand. Hand-sculpted, painted with 22K gold, so fancy! This was a no-brainer; we had to bring Alex's creation into the mix.

Whether we are taking the boutique to a private residence, a public speaking opportunity, or a local event, our product selection is not 'one-size-fits-all'. The items showcased are intentionally chosen to mirror the comfort level and interests of each attendee. A common thing that we hear when people visit the pop-up shop is, "From far away, this looks like a candy shop!" To us, this means that our bright, energetic aesthetic can alter perception before someone looks closer and discovers that we are actually selling pleasure products. Human sexuality should be celebrated, not shamed. We are carving out our own space to keep the dialogue about sexual health and wellness ongoing and accessible to all communities. 

In addition to our eclectic traveling pop-up boutique, we offer educational Show And Tell Socials, a private, personal sex toy concierge service, and on-demand weekend delivery for those 18+ in select areas of Portland. Our services will always advocate for sex-positivity, fat-positivity, and living a healthy alternative lifestyle. 

Sitting in a fancy chair will work wonders on your self confidence! 

Aside from operating The Pleasure Parlor, Casey is a devoted mother to three cats, contributing writer for Sexual Health Magazine, TickleKitty.com, and XBIZ.com, and is currently in the process of becoming a certified Relationship Coach. To read more about her journey to The Pleasure Parlor, head this way.