Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

While Valentine’s Day is in a few days, Creative Romance Month is rolling all February long. In any case, romancing yourself or your partner shouldn’t be limited to Valentine’s Day, or just one month out of the year! For our “Valentine’s Day” (Bae) sex toy gift guide, we’ve included our favorite pleasure product picks for couples and singles of all experience levels. 

The sky's the limit when it comes to creativity in the bedroom, or during foreplay. (Which starts before you step foot in the bedroom - but that’s a whole other blog post!) There is no need to bust out a penetrative sex toy, especially if you are just starting to shop for a sex toy with your partner.

It is easy to underestimate the power of ambiance when it comes to setting the scene before you hit the sheets. We hope this curated list of of vibe-setting, sensual pleasure products inspire a little more play into your Valentine’s Day (slash every day). 

For one:

Because of course you know someone who wants one. (Thanks TikTok!)



This oh-so-discreet heart vibrator doesn't miss a beat (or a sensual bit) with its high-powered motor. 

Ripples of pleasure for G-spot, P-spot and/or external massage.

Plump up your P and improve stamina with the addition of a simple C-ring!

For Two: 
You. Me. Netflix. Wax drips. Spicy nips.

Light up the night with intimate conversation and sensual touch. 

Romantic rituals in the palm of your hand - make more time for this! 

No matter how you celebrate or spark romance for a holiday or (otherwise), know that simplicity and creativity are your best weapons. For more Valentine's Day gifts, check out our complete curation of sex toys, intimacy games, books, and more here

With love,
Casey & Javay 

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