National Sex Toy Day: Best New Sex Toys 2021


"BuT EvERy DaY iS NaTiOnAl SeX ToY DaY!"

Okay yes - specifically for sex-positive individuals who appreciate the healing, orgasmic, and magical powers of pleasure products. However- for those who don't recognize this annual observance for one reason or another, whether it be shame, guilt, fear of the unknown, lack of proper education or otherwise, National Sex Toy Day can potentially bring the taboo topic of sex toys and pleasure 'out of the closet' and into a larger awareness, worldwide.

(And when we say "conversation", we mean a bunch of posts about it on Instagram.) No matter how this education is relayed, this conversation will always be ongoing, and vital to normalize the concept that masturbation, sex and experiencing pleasure are fundamental pillars of whole-body health and wellness. 

The sex toy industry has taken massive leaps in product design, materials, functionality, packaging and innovation since 2010, the year that Dr. Sandor Gardos originally declared today as National Sex Toy Day. Through 2020-2021 alone, we’ve seen sex toy manufacturers think outside of the box in regards to product design. New sex toys hit the market every day, so to compile a list of the best sex toys of 2021 would be a massive undertaking.

Instead, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite sex toys of the moment (and we plan to make this a recurring monthly series)!



Does this product look like some sort of household tool straight out of Fraggle Rock? Yes. Does it do what it advertises? Also yes. (Bless. This is not the case 100% of the time!) This product is a dual stimulation sex toy with a research-backed design that keeps the clitoral/external arm of the vibrator (left side of the product photo) in place on the clitoris at all times during penetration. So, think of using a rabbit-style vibrator - during thrusting, the external ‘arm’ or clitoral stimulator doesn’t usually stay exactly where you want it, and that can be frustrating! Snail Vibe multitasks and achieves this feat without missing a single beat. Plus, its unconventional look is funky yet refreshing - it stands out in a massive sea of dual-stimulation vibrators, most of which look no different than the next. Find more info about the all-new Snail Vibe here!


#2: ZEEP

Cute Little Fuckers has done it again with Zeep, a handheld massager that puts a smile on our face and gooooood vibes everywhere else. Sex toys by Cute Little Fuckers each have their own persona; are beginner-friendly, and designed to deliver pleasure for every body. Zeep’s shape, texture, and size is great for sex toy beginners or for those looking to stimulate every external part of the body. Zeep can deliver smooth sensations, or tickles depending on which side of the silicone sex toy is in contact with the body. We love Zeep because its accessible, easy-to-use shape and design emphasizes creative and playful sexual exploration, first and foremost. ((Yesssss, orgasms, too, because this handheld vibrator is super powerful!) Meet Zeep here!



For power-hungry pleasure seekers, meet Hyphy. The latest sex tech innovation from Lovense is a one-stop-shop in regards to being a multi-purpose sex toy. Hyphy is dual-ended, with an independently-controlled motor on each side. The silicone handle can be used for deep, rumbly G-spot stimulation while the other end delivers high-voltage pinpointed vibrations to anywhere (externally) on the body. Hyphy also comes with 3 removable tips to switch up your sensory experience! So essentially, Lovense Hyphy is 5 sex toys in one! Whether you’re into edging and a slower experience during masturbation or partner sex, or you’re looking for a powerful G-spot vibrator with a simple silhouette, Hyphy is nicey! (Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves.) Plus, a Bluetooth connection capability allows you to customize vibration intensities and rhythms - and synch to music. Hyphy’s design is discreet for travel, and it’s also a great introductory sex toy for partners who are in search of a non-intimidating, versatile sex toy that can do a little bit of everything.

Verdict: Is Hyphy worth the hype? Absolutely. 

Find full product info on Lovense Hyphy here


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Cheers to celebrating and normalizing sex toys one step, day, month, or year at a time. 


Casey & Jay

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