The Art of Edging

What if I told you that the holy grail of orgasms has nothing to do with an intricate sex position, a magic pill, or even a partner? This ‘secret’ is a technique called edging, otherwise known as orgasm control, and it allows anyone of any experience level to incorporate in their arsenal of bedroom tricks. Additionally, you may hear it being referred to as ‘surfing’ or ‘peaking’. This pleasure practice focuses on delaying climax one or more times during intercourse or masturbation, stoking a slow, intentional burn that will result in a fiery explosion like no other.

Think of the amplified feeling of gratification that happens the moment you finally achieve a sneeze, after losing it several times beforehand. The first climax after partaking in edging is much like that coveted sneeze, if you can imagine it being relocated to an erogenous zone. Just like a delayed sneeze, the more times you ‘lose’, or delay your orgasm, the more powerful it becomes.

Bringing yourself to the brink of climax is not for everyone; the 60 second orgasm may be your cup of tea, and that is a wonderful thing! Overall, the purpose is to tantalize, not to torment.  Successful edging, which requires equal parts patience and self-control, serves a valuable purpose when it comes to harnessing sexual energy.


  • Deeper, more intuitive understanding of your and/or your lover’s body, knowing when that moment of ecstacy will happen, and how to control it
  • A great introduction to BDSM. Edging is a common form of power exchange, as an exhibition of power and control on behalf of the Dominant partner. A set of restraints is a staple for maintaining control over your partner
  • Results in increased stamina for both men and women
  • Excellent natural option for male ejaculation control


  • Inadvertently going over the edge while skirting the line of sweet release during solo play
    • Learning to know your partner’s physical signs and cues, including breathing, body movements, and physical reactions
    • Throwing in the towel because orgasms are, um, awesome. Why wait?

    Tips & techniques:

  • Master it by yourself first. Practice makes perfect! Work your way up to 20-25 minutes at a time
  • Alternate sex toys, finger fun, and sensory play. On a male partner, a masturbation sleeve is a great toy to bring into the mix
  • Press pause: Get your juices flowing and ramp up arousal with yourself or your partner. Identify the moment that you are close to climax, and STOP for a few seconds. Go back to the beginning with less pinpointed pressure, targeting everything but the bullseye (Looking at you, clitoris!) Rinse and repeat at least one more time; enjoy
  • Distraction: If you are experimenting solo, alternate your favorite toy with your fingers when you feel yourself about to burst
    • Get creative! You are not limited to just foreplay here. The fun part about edging is that it can be a grab bag of whatever stimulation you prefer - whether you incorporate penetration or not

    If you are new to edging, don’t get discouraged! It may take a few weeks or a couple months until you’ve perfected your technique. Like anything worth waiting for, patience is a virtue, young grasshopper.

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