Product Review: The WaterSlyde™

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I had planned on writing a full-length review of this product...but mid-climax, I F%CKING BLACKED OUT IN THE BATHTUB. I do not drink wine in the bath; I do not smoke drugs.

It was a straight up, orgasm-induced temporary blackout.

The experience can be accurately described in acid trip-inspired GIFs.

At first, it was like "Well damn, this orgasm is pretty sweet!"

And then....

Did I just become one with the Universe?

(That is entirely possible, as I was experimenting with some super hippie shit called orgasmic manifesting...but I'll save that for another day.)

Immediately after, I just laid there dumbfounded. 

Actually me:

It blew my mind that a product with such a simplistic design could reinvigorate my perspective on the pleasure products market which, to be honest, had become a little jaded. 

End result: "The WaterSlyde is amazing! My vulva is AMAZING."

What I looked like the rest of the evening: 

The fact that this is the first product specifically designed for women who prefer to self-pleasure while taking a bath is beyond me. I suppose that is probably because the sex toy industry has been predominantly male-driven for a very, very long time. The WaterSlyde™ is literally and figuratively refreshing. 

Maureen Pollack, you are a modern-day Mary Keis, and I love you!

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