Product Review: INYA Allure Pulsating Air Finger Vibe


If you've been anywhere on the Internet (TikTok specifically) since 2021, you've likely seen The Rose suction toy making its rounds - again and again (and again). The Rose air pressure sex toy is not the first of its kind- nor will it be the last. We've seen brand after brand re-create this technology since the Womanizer first hit the market in 2008. This versatility is a good thing, because having a variety of price points, shapes, handles, and pressure/power settings are helpful for accessibility purposes, and individual sensory preferences. 



INYA Allure Suction Finger Vibrator


What you haven't seen much of online is the INYA Allure - YET - but give it a few weeks for that to change.  This lil' bb just made its debut, and both of us were really stoked to try it! (We had really high hopes, too.)

Keep reading to hear more about our HONEST individual reviews - and find out if it lived up to our expectations. 

Javay’s Experience

The Inya Allure Finger Vibe may not have the popularity of The Rose suction toy (or any of its multiple iterations), but it definitely offers pleasure like it. This vibe took me by surprise, though it does have some areas for improvement. The toy has 3 intensity settings and multiple pattern options (for a total of 7 functions). For someone who typically defaults to the more powerful air pressure toys it took me a little longer with the INYA, but I got there and it was good! The combination of the air pressure and the vibration is *chef’s kiss*! I am extremely smitten with the toy because the soft lavender color is BEAUTIFUL and the silicone of it is sooooo smooth. I also love the size of it. I have pretty small hands (especially considering I’m a full-grown woman) and this toy is a perfect size. The finger holder was perfect for giving me more control, especially as my body wriggled around in pleasure. If you are someone who enjoys air pressure toys but doesn’t want too much pressure then you will like the INYA Allure Pulsating Air Finger Vibe. 


Casey’s Experience

I believe another brand is planning to launch the same type of finger suction toy, but Allure hit the market first! To my knowledge, this is the only pulsating suction sex toy with the ability to loop around the finger. After years of hoping, I was really stoked to see it join the vast world of sex toys.


  • For people who really need air pressure to climax during penetration or otherwise - and rely on air suction products to reach climax during partner penetration (maybe it takes a long time to get there organically *raises hand*) - this finger loop is better than other air suction sex toys because you don't have to continuously fumble to get it in place during a lot of movement. And heaven forbid you drop a handheld clit sucker like The Rose right before you orgasm - INYA Allure prevents that altogether. BLESS. 
  • The finger loop is really roomy, and you might even be able to slide it over a dildo or a penis during penetration! (Need to try.) No room for improvement there.
  • If you have a sensitive clitoris, this may be a good air suction option because its max power maybe achieves 60-75% of total power like other air pressure sex toy brands like Satisfyer, etc. (This shouldn’t deter anyone with a clit of steel - as Javay said, it may take a minute to orgasm, but that’s okay because taking your time is a great goal- whether you’re alone or with a partner. 
  • Silicone texture is very soft 'n' buttery. Also, not too thick, not too thin.
  • So great if you have wrist pain or carpal tunnel- holding a compact product like The Rose in place can strain the wrists to grip it - slipping Allure on your finger allows the hand to maneuver naturally during use.
  • Easy-to-clean, very compact/discreet, and rechargeable!
  • Shape of the product itself contours itself comfortably in the palm of the hand. 



  • The decibel level of the motor. For a tiny finger vibe, this motor is not very quiet. So like, if you have roommates, you may want to use it when they aren’t within earshot. This is the biggest downside to the product - but if sound is no issue, you’re good. 
  • The vibration was on the distracting side for me personally. There is no option to control the vibration from the finger suction independently, which didn't take away from the orgasm. It was just a little jolting while getting the suction in place. 
  • The suction hole isn’t as wide in diameter as say, the Satisfyer Pro 2 or the InBloom Rosales Rose Suction Vibe - but it still gets the job done once it’s nestled in the right spot. 
  • Not fully submergible, but it's splash proof!



Bottom line: Whether you have 1, 5 or zero air suction sex toys in your toy drawer/closet, the INYA Allure is a must-have. 

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