Product Review: Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure

This book isn't just a metaphysical encyclopedia, it is a photographic work of art. Like, coffee table book style. However, it is spectacular for many other reasons.

Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure found me at the perfect time, when I was just far enough into my own crystal journey to really connect with the concepts that Vanessa Cuccia explains. Even down to the June release this month has been an accelerated course in energetic life transformations for me. 

Cuccia covers the gamut, including the metaphysical and healing properties of crystals, to the significance of each chakra, to integrating crystals and stones into your self-love/self-pleasure practice. 


I selected one of her pleasure exercises as an opportunity to use my recently acquired rose quartz yoni egg for the first time. It had been hanging out at my home for about a week, and I trusted that I would know when to use it for the first time. No expectations of what I would take away from the experience, no attachment to achieving a quick orgasm. 

The exercise incorporated breathing and meditation before migrating towards physical contact, something I have never tried before. (I'm not a great meditator, and I am easily distracted when I try.) I committed to envisioning energy and light rising up through my root chakra until it reached my sacral chakra.

(*I interrupt this scheduled message to tell you that I totally understand if you are rolling your eyes right now. This is all new to me, too!)


By the time I had finished the meditation and breathing, my lower chakras were LIT with a tangible electricity that I have never experienced before. Once I did finally make contact using the yoni egg, externally (not even what I had intended when I purchased it), it felt like a trail of itty bitty magnets circulating around the tip of the egg, following wherever I moved it. I was at the peak of clitoral majesty. 

I continued to let intuition and pleasure guide me through the exercise, breaking away from the traditional formula that brings me to climax. Every time my hand wanted to revert to the usual motions I use during solo pleasure, it took me out of the experience. It felt like all self-pleasure prior to this experience was superficial. So I closed my eyes, and continued to let the egg move where it wanted to, indulging in different motions and sensations like I was feeling everything for the first time. (Which is something I never did the first time.) I let that energy and deliciousness continue to build and slightly release, because I wanted to test my patience and generate as much as I could before going over the edge. 

That entire experience felt like stepping into a completely different dimension of pleasure and connectedness. All of the years of neglect, disconnected sex and self-pleasure were brought to the surface and then released with appreciation and love. As a result, I respect this center of power and pleasure that lives in me in an entirely different way. 



One intention behind the Pleasure Parlor was to smash the sex toy stigma imbedded in our culture. *YAY SEX TOYS* has basically been the mantra. However, the idea of turning to my sex toy drawer- even my trusty Womanizer for self-pleasure ever since - has left me completely uninterested. Tapping into this has been that powerful. 

Even if the concept of meditation/crystals/orgasmic manifestation are completely new to you. If my skeptic ass can use it, so can anyone. If you are drawn to this book in any way, do yourself a favor and commit, indulging in everything it has to offer. 

Savor this book, page by page. Each one is truly a gift. 

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