International Masturbation Month: A Brief History

Happy Masturbation May! There are many sexual health-related observances throughout the year, but 

Masturbation Month / Day may be one of the most widely known. It all unfolded in 1994 with Dr. Joycelyn Elders, a United Nations Conference, and a sex toy store (though it became official in 1995). 

In early December 1994, former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders sparked public controversy during the United Nations World AIDS Day Conference after mentioning that masturbation be included in education courses.

One speaker directed a remark at Dr. Elders, and wondered "...if masturbation might be taught as a way to prevent AIDS?"

She said: "Masturbation is a part of human sexuality and it's something that perhaps should be taught. But we've not even taught our children the very basics."

One week later, Elders was forced to resign from her position.

As a response, San Francisco-based sex toy boutique Good Vibrations declared May 'Masturbation Month' shortly after, in 1995. Their intentions were to "eliminate stigma and highlight the importance of masturbation for nearly everyone." Thankfully, Masturbation Month has momentum nearly 30 years later.

From 1995-2005, Masturbation Day was observed annually on May 7. Today, Masturbation Day is internationally recognized on May 28!

Why May? According to Good Vibes: "The merry, merry month of May" has long been seen as symbolizing sexual awakening,"

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