Rianne S. Cherry Cups
Rianne S. Cherry Cups
Rianne S. Cherry Cups

Rianne S. Cherry Cups

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Rianne S. Cherry Cups are great way to explore your first menstrual cup. This kit includes one (1) small cup and one (1) medium cup, two different options to suit your anatomy and level of comfort. 

These menstrual cups are environmentally friendly, cost-effective, made of 100% body safe materials, and can be worn up to 12 hours. The bell-shape features soft curves to help provide a gentle insertion and removal. 

Gorgeous cherry blossom storage bag included! 

How to chose the right menstrual cup:

The small menstrual cup is recommended for women younger than 30 years old who haven't delivered vaginally, and have an average period.

The medium size is recommended for women over 30, who have given birth or have heavier periods.


Cup small 1.77 in (l) x 1.57 in (d)

Cup medium 1.96 in (l) x 1.77 in (d)