Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves
Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves
Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves

Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves

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Buttery soft premium leather with a bite, Kinklab's vampire gloves are a staple for sensory play, masochism, and creative kinky fun. They may look intimidating, but they are one of our favorite items because they deliver a spectrum of pleasurable sensations. 

The bottom of each finger is hand-studded with lots of sharp points, making each touch and grab gasp inducing, punctuating even the slightest sensations. Available in five different sizes to fit almost any user, try the pair on a submissive partner with light strokes, or a spiky spank. Please use caution while wearing these gloves! 

Vampire Gloves Size Guide: 

  1. Measure around the hand at the fullest part (not including the thumb)
  2. Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the hand
  3. Use the LARGEST of the two measurements for the correct glove size
  4. If you are right-handed, take measurements from your right hand, if you are left-handed, take measurements from your left hand.

Small: 8.5"
Medium: 9.5"
Large: 10.5"
X-Large: 11.5"

Spiky tacks are approximately 1/8" long.

Thank you, Good Housekeeping, for featuring the Pleasure Parlor Vampire Gloves in your May 2023 product roundup!