Kinklab Electrosex Neon Wand Kit
Kinklab Electrosex Neon Wand Kit
Kinklab Electrosex Neon Wand Kit

Kinklab Electrosex Neon Wand Kit

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The best crowd pleaser ever! The Neon Wand Electrosex Kit includes a party! Set includes electrodes, electrode comb, 1 mushroom tube, a 90 degree probe and a tongue tube. This state-of-the art electro stimulation device is ideal for seasoned pros as well as new users. WE LOVE! The wand creates shock sensation when there is a gap between the electrode or the attachment and the body. As the wand is held near to the body, the spark will jump, providing the sensation.
The Neon Wand kit comes with 4 different glass attachments (Electrode Comb, Mushroom Tube, 90° Probe, Tongue Tube) that will be a thrill to experiment with. The kit color refers to the color of the light glowing in the glass electrodes.

Technical Specs:
  • Working Frequency: 50-60HZ
  • Power: 10W Amperage: Low-end output (0.4A and 2.5W) and High-end output (0.5A and 5W)
  • Dimensions: 13 X 8 X 2 1/3 / 33 X 21 X 6 cm
  • Materials: PPV Plastic Hardware + Copper Tube + Glass Rods
  • Available in both USA 110 and European 220 voltage.
  • Can be used up to 25 - 30 min at a time
Due to the sensitive nature of the gas and the electrodes the color may vary between batches and individual electrodes. Every measure is taken to make them as uniform as possible, but slight differences do occur. This does not in any way affect the quality or performance of any part of this device.
Pair it with the Kinklab Neon Wand Power Tripper attachment for an extra-electrifying experience.