Cute Little Fuckers - Trinity
Cute Little Fuckers - Trinity
Cute Little Fuckers - Trinity

Cute Little Fuckers - Trinity

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Cute Little Fuckers is an artist-designed line of gender-inclusive pleasure products, and unique on every level. Each of their products has its own personality, from its name right down to the shape and innovative design features. "Cute Little Fuckers" could not be more appropriate for these pleasure products!

Name: Trinity  (and their partners Tripp and Trine)

Pronouns: She, He and Xe respectively

Loves: Hugging, dancing, and cave exploring

Trinity comes from a cloud planet, a blue green gas giant of air, so she loves feeling your breath get heavy and soft again. Her long, thin nature makes her perfect for inserting into all sorts of sneaky places. When Trinity is exploring your deepest fantasies, Tripp and Trine simultaneously lend a hand to stimulate your other spots! Trinity's flared base can be used to secure her in a strap-on holster, particularly exciting for lesbians and transmasc humans. The flared base also means she, he and xe are safe for anal play. Trinity is a playful and purposeful friend!

Dimensions: 7" long x 1.4" diameter

Every product from Cute Little Fuckers includes: 

  • 100% medical-grade silicone; high-quality materials 

  • Extremely powerful, whisper-quiet motor

  • Waterproof 

  • USB rechargeable 

Congratulations to CLF for being crowned the 2021 XBIZ Awards LGBTQ+ Pleasure Products Brand of the Year!