Subscription Box

The Pleasure Parlor offers the first and only adult sex toy subscription box curated by a pleasure products industry expert. Every box of body-safe items is tailored for couples and/or individuals based on their comfort level and expertise. In addition to a conscious product selection process, we welcome an open dialogue with every subscriber should you wish to know more about your items.  
  • Professional expertise is available via email so you never feel lost, intimidated or confused with the items you receive
  • Each product is purposely selected with compassion and intention by Casey Murphy, a 13-year veteran of the sex toy industry
  • No two boxes are the same: Each box is carefully curated to include new items every month
  • Items are complimentary to all experience levels, and won't harm your body
  • We adore awesome packaging, and adding personal touches to every box. However-- we want to take good care of our planet! As an effort to reduce our ecological footprint, we keep the packaging and shipping materials simple and minimalistic, using recycled materials as much as possible. 
  • In addition to pleasure items, we spotlight local femme-identified artists and their pins, stickers, zines and more as a way of supporting their art. There may be one of these pieces in a box from time to time (but they are always in the pop-up boutique!)
"After maintaining positions in sales, marketing, and customer service in the pleasure products industry, I decided to branch out of my 9-5 job and get pleasure to the masses, in every capacity I could think of. The subscription box was the first component of that; and the pop-up boutique, women's workshops, and sex toy delivery followed suit. My personal journey to a sex-positive lifestyle was a long evolution, and it is always evolving. To be honest, it took several years working in the industry to finally become comfortable with my own body, self-pleasure, and being open about my profession. Because of this, I desire to connect with couples and individuals who are curious, but need some help getting comfortable. Working for well-known bondage manufacturers furthered my expertise in the BDSM and fetish communities, so whether you're 'vanilla', or in a lifestyle d/S relationship, I can go from 0 to kinky in no time at al!  At the end of the day, it's all about opening minds and creating memorable experiences. Thank you for putting your trust in The Pleasure Parlor!"
                                                                                         Casey Murphy

"I bought this as a gift for my significant other as a way to say I love you, you're sexy, etc, etc... but it's done sooooooooo much more. It's been an incredible experience. Here's why: 1. Customer service and responsiveness is above and beyond. 2. The contents of the box are amazing. 3. We decided to say yes to whatever came in the box and see what happens. (All good things!) 4. No pressure, no questions, no judgement. We aren't choosing the items ourselves or for each other so there is no ego or unspoken statement behind the items. 5. It is something we REALLY look forward to. We spend the month wondering what the box will bring and it adds to the excitement. Honestly, I wish there was a biweekly subscription! 6. Did I mention customer service? It truly is the absolute best. If you are looking for something that is thoughtful, exciting and takes intimacy to another level, this is it. Believe worth every penny." -Anna, January 24, 2018