The Zodiac Box: Taurus

The Zodiac Box: Taurus

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These are the first ever adult-themed boxes of their kind; made-to-order and inspired by your astrological sex traits. We consulted with tarot and astrology expert Klairvoyant Katie to provide an in-depth breakdown of the most authentic, endearing romantic traits for every sign. Each product is individually selected to invoke a sensory journey for the mind, body, and soul. 

Every box includes a stone corresponding to your sign, as well as a small white sage stick to promote relaxation and boost your mood.

Taurus: April 21 - May 21
Element: Earth
Ruled by: Venus

Taurus signs can be well known for their bull in a china shop attitude: ready to rush right in, BB! But not in the bedroom! It seems in the bedroom Taurus signs love nothing more than slow building pleasure and keeping things interesting. A sign that can be very partial to the more kinky side of love with their dominating nature keeping their partner in pleasure heaven. This doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the traditional- especially in regards to love making positions.

Top Qualities:

Love of the ‘traditional’, especially in regards to lovemaking positions
Can be fearful of the ‘great unknown’ but will try anything once.

Please note: Each box is custom fulfilled, assembled, and blessed prior to shipping. Please allow 10-12 days for shipping.