The Realm 'Rougarou' Lock on Handle
The Realm 'Rougarou' Lock on Handle

The Realm 'Rougarou' Lock on Handle

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 The Realm Rougarou invites you to duel with your deepest desires! Be you a human, wolf, hunter, or hybrid, this sword handle will serve you well. For you are the chosen one, deemed worthy of its might!

Built for all full moon adventurers and perfect for The Realm Lycan Werewolf dildo. Together they become the perfect tool for bringing your fantasy fantasies to life!

We recommend using water-based lube to make attaching and removing the dildo from the handle easier. 

Measurements: 11.75" total length x 3" wide 

  • Made from Polyurethane
  • Contains no fragrances, phthalates, paraffins, or latex

Note: Lock-On dildo (in product image) sold separately.