Astrosex - Sexual Secrets Revealed Through the Stars

Astrosex - Sexual Secrets Revealed Through the Stars

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Okay, okay... we've always been told men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but how many of us are aware exactly how much our sex and intimate lives are influenced by all of the planets -- all of the time?

Perhaps the age-old pickup line "what's your sign?" is more important than most people in search of truly cosmic coupling may have realized. 

Astrosex is the ultimate illustrated guide to understanding your own sexual desires and the sexual needs of your partner based on your horoscopes.

Whether you want to unleash the lust of a Leo, tame a Taurus, seduce a Sagittarius, or break the ice with a Virgo, this sexy guide will help you navigate your love life using the stars.

The book includes a sexy introduction to the zodiac; an in-depth description of male and female sexual preferences for each star sign with tips on erogenous zones; preferred positions; and favorite fantasies.

Illustrated with more than 350 atmospheric and sensual color photographs-including steamy sex positions, Astrosex provides a visually seductive and out-of-this-world experience.

Ideal for all experience levels.