Empathy Is Your Superpower Masterclass



You can read (feel) a room.

You intuitively know how to harmonize different situations.

You have the ability to connect with the most resistant of people.  

Your heart doesn't just "go out" to other people; it absorbs energy and experiences like a sponge.  

Maybe you're scared to take ownership of your empathy because you perceive it as a burden instead of a blessing?

Maybe you don't know how to parlay your empathic magic into BIG SHIFTS....

Radically separate yourself from competition.

Sell from the soul, without lifting a finger.

Create a bridge of compassion in society.

Empathy Is Your Superpower is a LIVE, five-day masterclass for 12 women who are ready to explore their empathic nature to enrich their lives, careers, and for the greater good of others.
This course is geared to transform the way you show up for yourself on a day-to-day basis. This course calls you to step outside of your comfort zone, stare your self-limiting beliefs in the face, and tell them to fuck right off.
Because by dimming your MAGIC, you are doing the rest of the world a disservice!

Take a moment to reflect on some of your most rewarding interactions, either in business or interpersonal relationships. In your heart, what made those experiences remarkable?

Was it the thrill of the sale? Or the larger sense of fulfillment, knowing that by intuitively understanding the needs of the other person, you were able to navigate a problem and deliver an outstanding resolution that only YOU could deliver?

The gift of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes - and being able to effectively communicate that - is what separates you from your fiercest competitors.

 Your ability to create these unique and special outcomes has always been rooted in your soul.

❝ I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ❞

~Maya Angelou

While outside praise feels great, real fulfillment comes from knowing you didn't just solve a problem; the solution was simply a bi-product of your ability to ignite REAL connection.  

You feel as if you're driven by spirit moreso than strategy. 

Entrepreneurs. Real estate. Car sales. Customer service. Collections. Any service-based career.

You are called on to solve problems for your clients and customers, no different than your colleagues; but what makes you exceptional is that you lead from the heart

(Basically, you're a damn everyday superhero!)

This quality is beyond INVALUABLE when it comes to giving back to the world.  

Empathy cannot be earned with a college degree, or acquired through experience; it lives inside of you. It always has.

Girl, if you've got it, RUN WITH IT.

The truth is, you have the ability to divinely connect with humans on a soul-based level to create actual CHANGE -- beyond the people and experiences you can even imagine.





Empaths be like....

You are attuned to other people’s range of emotions: sadness, joy, despair, and everything in-between, is effortless -a part of your genetic makeup- and has been for as long as you can remember

You take on others’ emotions as your own; even those from a great distance

Your career is rooted in helping others: people, animals, or nature 

You experience consistent déjà vu, random synchronicities/meaningful coincidences, lucid dreams and perhaps paranormal activities

You can actually -feel- energy shifting in a room; being in public places can feel overwhelming

You are sensitive to situations on TV, in the media, movies, news, etc., because they trigger your compassion, and can -- at times -- be unbearable to watch

People of all walks of life as well as animals are magnetized to your compassion and warmth

Strangers are comfortable pouring their hearts and souls into you during conversation on a subconscious level. (You often hear “Wow...I can’t believe I’m telling you all of this...” from people you don’t know very well)

Fatigue strikes again (!) when massive amounts of compounding energy are put on you

It feels impossible to put your heart into things you don’t enjoy. (For me, this was being an aggressive salesperson. It made me feel ICKY AF. What truly fulfilled me -- and drove my sales, was to approach my sales prospects as a friend instead of a customer.) 

Adrenal fatigue knocks you on your ASS (you're an energy sponge, honey!) and makes you want to retreat from the rest of the world

Example: an empathic real estate agent sees the most fulfilling part of their job as taking their buyers on a JOURNEY to finding a home that matches their dreams...and feeling HONORED to do so. 

Achieving a sale is, of course, a HUGE sense of accomplishment. But that is secondary to the relationship you were able to nurture, just by being your best self, focused on delivering something --- meaningful and accepting NOTHING LESS.

You are being asked to RISE, right now - to serve others

To POSITIVELY impact lives on a bigger scale.

To step into the BEST VERSION of yourself.

Understanding - making peace- making FRIENDS- with this badass side of you is a VITAL part of your own journey, and for those around you!

By settling for anything less, you are doing a great disservice to the world.

Regardless of what has to be sacrificed, compassion is your language, baby. To understand, to feel without words, F*CKING MAGIC!


Just like any superpower, being an empath comes with its own set of responsibilities.

Example: Kryptonite!

Superman’s poison. Defined as: “...Material that emits a peculiar radiation that weakens and sickens Superman, but is generally harmless to humans when exposed to it in short term.”

Let’s re-frame that for perspective: “...Massive energy that emits a crippling weight that weakens and sickens an empath, but is generally harmless to non-empaths when exposed to it in short term.”

Follow me? 

Most empaths are called to share their gifts in life; regardless of which profession they choose.



If you are reading this right now, your voice of guidance is encouraging you to pursue your journey in awareness.  

This masterclass, Empathy is Your Superpower, is for the woman who feels that much of her success is a result of underutilized MAGIC. 

You were called to do this work. 

You were given this gift for a reason!

If you are still reading, it is because I called you here!


How to customize your model of empathy and define your unique, transparent business strategy

How to create day-to-day boundaries with energy zappers and zip up energy leaks in a pinch

How to show up for yourself first and foremost, while creating a solid foundation that fills up your energy supply instead of draining it

How to ground yourself to stay present in your aligned actions vs. acting from a place of overwhelm and confusion

Accessible pleasure practices that you can do while short on time, in the car, on the bus, sitting at your desk

Hows to take ownership of your empathic superpower, identify new avenues it can expand your relationships and your business

How to listen to your intuition and take inspired ACTION-- instead of allowing logic and fear to win

How to ask for help that will free up your time and energy to create and manifest the BIG SH*T in your business and relationships

How to draw boundaries and shield yourself from negative information that may impact your mental and physical health

Understand why empathy is the missing link that separates a good business from a GREAT business

Commit to feeling good like it's your job! (Because it IS, and consistently showing up for yourself will create more of what you desire) 

A lightbulb went off, after I looked back and realized that some of my greatest professional accomplishments were the result of being an empath. 

Closing a $20,000 sale after ONE phone call with a new customer 

Being the account manager who turned the most difficult businesses (who hadn't ordered in years) -- into loyal, repeat customers (some of whom are still close friends to this day)

Making the leap to leave my 9-5 and trusting my intuition/the Universe to bring me the right opportunities 

Building a profitable, impactful service-based business that doesn't feel like actual "work" 

My co-workers couldn't do it. Not like I can.

Not like YOU can. 


It is actually very EASY to change your state of mind and utilize your power, simply by staying committed to yourself. The first step is making peace with your inner empathic homegirl, and the decision to give her a hug instead of put her to bed.


You are so deprived of your own energy that there is almost nothing left to put towards your business, personal life, and relationships

You are neglecting or hesitate to invest in yourself on a day-to-day basis, stuck in overwhelm and repeat ‘I’ll start my self-care routine tomorrow.”

You can call yourself out on your own shit all day, but when it comes to navigating your way out and implementing change, you are 100% lost

You are lacking accountability, but you are ready to disrupt dusty ass old patterns despite being exhausted

You desire a community of women to grow with, to hold you accountable (and vice versa)

You desire a stocked toolbox of tips and tricks to protect your energy and get you bouncing back with ease

You understand that the stronger/happier/aligned/LIT UP you are, the bigger impact your badass self will CONTRIBUTE to the WORLD

(THIS is how we change sh*t, honey.)


  • Live recordings begin at 6pm PST Monday through Friday, 11/12-11/17.
  • Live videos will be aired on ZOOM. Attendance and participation is necessary to achieve your desired results, however you can watch videos after they are live as they will all be recorded
  • The dedicated Facebook group is a space for sharing helpful resources, vulnerabilities, words of encouragement, success strategies, etc. It will live on Facebook forever, so the value of the course extends when it's over
  • Everyone will be assigned an accountability partner to keep you engaged outside of the classroom! The more you actively participate, the more this course will serve you long-term



Breaking down your business - this is a group roundtable workshop. You lay out your business life, your home life- where you are stretched too thin, where your boundaries are crossed, what isn't working for you, where you can see yourself if you were to live in your truth every day. This module 1 sets the framework for the rest of the class and how it needs to be tailored for your goals.  


What role does pleasure play in your life? Not sex - just making yourself feel good. Defining pleasure as a vehicle to empower you and set your day up for success. We chat morning routines, and link up with an accountability partner to kick start your pleasure practice. (How you show up for yourself in the morning - how you check in with yourself throughout the day - determines your ability to show up for those who rely on you.) 


I was never a fan of meditation...until I found the right one that worked for me. Are you comfortable in silence? Are you more comfortable with movement? What grounds you, gets you out of your head and brings your energy back up? Very accessible "woo" techniques are introduced, so that you can assemble a high vibe toolkit. Don't be scurred! There is something for everyone. Remember, this program requires you to commit to yourself and doing the work so that you don't sacrifice your energy, mind and body for others going forward. 


Today, we re-cap the tools and techniques covered so far to create a high vibe toolkit. We break the toolkit into time blocks: "Instant" - "5 minutes" - "15 minutes" - "30 minutes" - to categorize your preferred techniques depending on the amount of time you have. We also go through the multitude of ways that our energy levels are affected throughout the day - and practice real-life simulation of what to do when an energy leak strikes, and how to zip that sh*t UP before you shut down and retreat from the world. 


 Love. It is the core of everything. When we have no tools, no resources, no patience, are backed into a corner, triggered and desperate...there is love. This module is designed to spotlight your purpose here - your unique gifts and your ability to change the world by tapping into your empathy, returning to love and radiating it outward no matter what the circumstances may be. 

⇨This is an opportunity to show compassion to the part of yourself that is unsure and scared. 

⇨This is a choice to choose your desires over doubt. 

⇨Your intuition over resistance. 

⇨Your F-YES over worry.

Class begins on Monday, December 3. Please com equipped with a blank journal and an open heart! Homework (fun shit!) will be assigned.

I can't wait to see you.

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