Postpartum Sex

If you're reading this, you're likely a new parent - or simply looking to further understand the new complexities of your body, partner, or intimate life after having a child. The mental and physical effects of postpartum sex are so diverse that it can feel overwhelming, frustrating and/or like a lost cause trying to re-establish a connection with your body, and your partner as well. Totally understandable. Significant life transitions like pregnancy and childbirth have a massive impact on routines and relationships, and getting back into a 'normal' place is a journey. Just know: there is no timeframe. Switching things up is part of the process, and it's almost necessary to assume you have to start from scratch. 

Let it be fun. Let it be trial and error. Prioritize your own pleasure above all. 

If you need some help:

For pelvic floor training and/or incontinence, check out a set of kegel balls, or a yoni egg

To help retrain the vaginal walls and/or decrease painful intercourse, check out vaginal dilators

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